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WOODCUT prides themselves on their ability to provide premium quality timber that exhumes luxury for the modern individual(s). We aim for total quality satisfaction and individuality that meets the needs of our clients. We understand that choosing the right colour is pinnacle to the finished result of a particular project, house, and apartment, whatever it may be. However, there are a few points that need to be taken into consideration and understood prior to purchase.

Concerns regarding variation of the timber is brought up constantly. The variation of a timber floor refers to both colour and the physical characteristics it carries such as knots. To ensure that we leave little to zero room for any discrepancies, it is pivotal that all our clients read the following and understand that:

1. Timber is a natural product. It is susceptible to movement and climatic issues, including level of moisture, humidity, and seasonal changes. Timber is further sourced from many different periods of time that also affect the colour result achieved. European Oak for example, can come from various parts of Europe and Eurasia. Countries include France, Croatia, Germany, Italy & Russia. Timber is obtained from different forests. When veneers are produced from multiple forests and sections, it will be susceptible to colour/tonal variation.

The grain variation and knots seen on a board is due to the simple fact that because timber is a natural product and has gone through subsequent periods of growth, the natural characteristics of the board stand out. Extra care has been taken during the manufacturing process of the timber floorboards to put together boards of the same colour and grain variation, however, no two boards are the same, i.e.; colour, grain and gloss variation can happen from batch to batch due to the nature of the product and the manufacturing process. In effect, the variation adds a level of artistic feature in which is considered a benefit as it makes your chosen area look more interesting e.g. wall panelling.
*Please note that clean boards can be produced upon request and dependant on resources. It is best to speak to one of our sales representatives.*

2. There is a difference between chemical treatments and standard stains. As we now know, timber is susceptible to colour variation alone, but when a chemical treatment is applied, further variations may result due to the different reactions that every board will have to the chemical treatments. This is inevitable.

3. Boards that are wire brushed give off a natural, patchy appearance. Wire brushed boards are coarse and its physical characteristics endures more of an open grain result. When running your hand over a wire brushed board, it will appear rough and you will be able to feel the features of the board quite literally. When the veneer is wire brushed, the grain becomes exposed. The finishing compound seeps deeply into the veneer, leaving a natural, and dry finish between some boards. The advantage of a wire brushed board is that it steers away from a traditional look and instead, embraces a unique look and texture with lots of character.

4. Timber oxidises naturally. Once installed, your floor will slightly darken over time. This again is inevitable. What you can control however is the amount of sunlight exposure you are giving your floor. The more exposed a particular area of your floor is to direct sunlight, it will act as catalyst for accelerated darkening to a certain extent. There is no such thing as ‘UV Protection’ for flooring. Samples that are displayed in the showroom have most definitely oxidised. WOODCUT believes that it is better to display the products as how they will look in the long run.

To recap, please note that the ‘WOODCUT Warranty’ excludes:

1. Damage caused intentionally, recklessly or negligently, accidently or by way of ignorance by failing to follow the cleaning and maintenance guide. Please contact a Woodcut representative to provide you with a maintenance guide specific to your product.

2. Unusual or man-made disasters including leaking or broken plumbing, fire, flood, earthquake storms, overflowing water or liquids, during or after installation will not be warranted.

3. The use of improper cleaning products including steam mops, bleach, ammonia and other floor stripping products. The spillage of such corrosive product is also not warranted.

4. It is to the owner’s discretion and responsibility to maintain and clean the product. Failure to do so is at the owners own risk and therefore will not be warranted if cleaning and maintenance standards have not been met.

5. Damage caused by pets.

6. Damage caused by insufficient protective measures of sharp objects including stiletto heels, any sharp like objects and heavy furniture that are likely to cause marks and indentations on the floor.

7. Colour variations as well as the appearance of knots, gum/sap marks and mineral marks will occur in the product. This is viewed as a natural and pre-expressed process of using a natural product. All variations are normal and are not considered to be a defect in the product. Exposure to sunlight may also cause colour variations. WOODCUT will not offer warranty against these natural characteristics.

8. This warranty will not apply for the installation of the product in areas considered to be ‘wet’ (bathrooms, laundries etc). If products are installed in these areas contrary to WOODCUT recommendations, this will be considered at the owners own risk as WOODCUT will have had fully disclosed the effect of moisture and humidity on your timber floor. Humidity levels must be maintained at a 40-60% level. Using a humidifier or dehumidifier is recommended to maintain necessary levels for the longevity of the product.

Floors subject to the effect of improper humidity levels will cause checking (small cracks in the surface of the timber or coating). Checking is not considered a product defect and therefore will not be covered by this warranty.

9. Improper alterations to the original product will not be warranted. Improper installation includes the likes of any alteration made, repairs and reinstallations to WOODCUT’s original product.

10. Noises (squeaks etc.) associated with anything other than the manufacture of the flooring.

11. This warranty does not cover insect infestation once the product has left the factory. It is ensured that the product(s) leaves the factory free from infestation.

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